Located on Dry Valley Road, the Cleveland Regional Jetport is poised to serve the needs of general and business aviation users.  Officially open for business as of January 25, 2013, the entirely new airport is an asset to the City of Cleveland without parallel.  With each passing day, more arriving and departing air traffic utilize the tremendous facilities now available.  Shell Aviation Fuel products delivered at the pump (self-serve) or planeside by attentive Contour Flight Support FBO personnel will make your stop in Cleveland a rewarding experience.

The Cleveland TN Regional Jetport has undergone tremendous change.  New private and corporate hangars, four 10-unit T-hangars, development and FAA certification of GPS (RNAV) WAAS Instrument Approaches to runways 3 / 21 and more.  KRZR continues to evolve as Cleveland's premier airport, serving the flying needs of our community.

Cleveland Municipal Airport Authority  contact information:

  • Lynn DeVault - Chairman                       ldevault@jonesmangement.com
  • Verrill Norwood - Vice Chairman            vernorjr@aol.com
  • Stephen Wright - Sec./Treasurer            swright@wbcci.com
  • Lou Patten - Member.                             lpatten@cornerstoneinsgrp.com   
  • Rob Garrison - Member                         dnrgarrison@gmail.com
  • Mark Fidler - Director                             mfidler@clevelandtn.gov