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40 T-hangars

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Fuel Services


Our goal is to exceed your expectations.  Providing outstanding service and flight support to our customers is what we do best.  With Contour Flight Support as our FBO, a courteous and attentive staff await our guests, looking forward to addressing your every need. 

Check here for Contour Flight Support web site and fuel information.

We proudly offer both plane-side and 24 / 7 Self-Serve 100LL AVGAS and Jet-A Shell Aviation fuels at competitive prices.  The Jet-A is pre-blended with PRIST (or similar) additive.  Check frequently for updated fuel prices.  Current fuel prices are posted on , , and .

Catering, ice, GPU, courtesy and rental car, aircraft cleaning and more are available for our customers.  There is even a complete kitchen available to support meetings with hungry clients!  Contact us for availability and a list of caterers for your convenience.


KRZR offers tremendous opportunities for aircraft owners and operators to protect their investments.  Corporate and private style hangars of various sizes as well as 40 T-hangars suitable for most popular recreational aircraft are available at highly competitive lease rates.  A 100' x 100' maintenance/storage hangar is available for leasing on a short or long term arrangement.  Please contact us for additional information regarding hangar lease rates and availability at the Jetport.

Fuel Services

24 / 7 Shell Aviation fuel is available at competitive prices to our customers.  We offer both plane-side and self-serve fuel from our courteous and well-trained staff.  All line-service personnel are properly trained and qualified per DOT and aviation fuel industry standard for Quality Control and Best Practices of fuel handling.  Quick-turn service is available with a 30 minute advance request. 


Equipped with new fuel storage and filtration equipment, our safety and distribution standards are second to none.  Meeting or exceeding the requirements of the FAA, NFPA and DOT, pilot's can rest assured that they are receiving clean, top-quality fuel in their aircraft.  All Jet-A fuel is pre-blended with additive, for that extra measure of confidence.

Maintenance Services

Routine aircraft maintenance is available through  Montgomery Aero.  Avionics issues can also be addressed by available local repair station personnel.