Development Opportunities


Exciting times await patrons of the Cleveland Regional Jetport.  With ample space for new corporate hangars, T-hangars and private aircraft hangars alike, the competitive leasing rates and new facilities make the Cleveland Regional Jetport a great place to base your aircraft.


Looking for a place to locate your aviation business?  We have room for avionics shops, aircraft maintenance / repair providers, flight schools, restaurants and more.


We look forward to assisting you and welcome you to the Cleveland Regional Jetport.


Hangar Developments


Attractive property leasing rates coupled with reasonable minimum standards (see below) make KRZR a great place to protect your aircraft investment provided by the shelter of an aircraft hangar.  A 100' X 100' community storage hangar and spacious T-hangars are available for aircraft owner / operators.  Private and corporate hangar property leases are available with a minimum building size requirement of only 50' X 40' for those seeking the ultimate in hangar accommodation for their aircraft.


Please contact the Cleveland Regional Airport Director, Mark Fidler, to discuss the varied options for consideration of your aircraft storage needs.


 KRZR Minimum Standards (click to read):